Saturday, August 25, 2007

Socks for a unrequited summer

My Carved Jade Socks are finally done. I made the final push through the final few inches last night with the help of a glass of red wine and lots of good, dark, organic chocolate. The knitting juice was definitely needed to get through the home stretch. Not a glass too soon. I woke up to another soggy, grey Saturday morning.

Why, dear summer must you be so mean and cold? Why must you nip at my tomato plants. I've offered you a garden full of edible sunshine. I've waxed poetic about your long weeks of sexy heat. I've sacrificed a day timer of weekends to frolic with you. And this? This is how you return my love? With cold, miserable rain and then slaps of unbearable heat?

Was it something I said? Are you still upset because I told winter that I loved her best? I had to. Did you see the torrents of rain she was sending over this way? Did you see her tightrope walking just above the freezing mark? Tempting me with peekaboo glimpses of good ice-climbing weather? I thought we were over this. You're no better than spring :P

So now I have a new pair of Carved Jade socks to see me through the end of this stoneyhearted season. For more background info on the socks, check out this earlier entry
Here's the photo montage of my new socks. Enjoy!

The requisite front view

The requisite back view.

Requisite bird's eye view

Requisite art shot.

Shhhh. It's the elusive Carved Jade toothless shark.


String Bean said...

I love those socks! Are you going to post the pattern? I think I have the perfect green yarn in my stash.

Anonymous said...

Now...all you need is a requisite posting of the pattern so we can all make Carved Jade socks! (and elusive toothless sharks) They are just beautiful...stunning, really.

Soo said...

Those socks are gorgeous. Let me know if you ever publish the pattern! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your socks are spectacular!! Definitely one of the prettiest patterns outh there.

Lucy said...

Oh I do love these socks - Beautiful work!!Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

MEEP! *whispers* It's the Toothless Carved Jade Shark!

They are absolutely stunning, btw! Pretty please can we get a pattern?