Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gallery of Favorites

My wonderful MIL has requested a gallery of my knitting. So here are some of favorites from these last couple of years:
Healing Shawl:

Jewel & Wine Socks

Carved Jade Socks

DH's foot cozies.

Photo of the "Gaston" mountaineering socks for DH. The next in the knitting queue.

My handspun local yarn for the Gaston Socks.

Arachne capelet made with local alpaca.

Broken Brocade Sweater

Midsummer Night's Dream sweater

The back

The sleeve cuff

Patricia's hooded scarf

T's fingerless mitts

A shawl from my Flight of Fuschia Series

Blossom Cape

Fiddlehead Jacket

The Kimonoette

The Honeymoon Sweater.

The back.

Fire & Ice Sweater made with my own local hand-dyed, handspun yarn

The back

MIL Cabled Sweater

Pat's Capelet made with my own handspun local alpaca

The back detail.

For more information, just check out the "Labels" on the left panel. Some of the pieces are also on my other blog, Crave.
I also have most of these in my Ravelry Projects page. My Ravelry name is AlphaMango.
I hope you enjoy the gallery.


Val S. said...

That Honeymoon Sweater is to die for! Is that your own creation? It is fantastic. Also I love Sister Pat's capelet!

yarnivorous said...

What a fantastic fashion parade of items! And so many handspun!