Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The First Evolution of Fire & Ice

It was only a matter of time that my Scandinavian Fire & Ice sweater was going to evolve from a simple Scandinavian pattern cardigan knitted in the round to something absurdly complicated.

Initially, the Fire and Ice them was to be represented by Fire and Ice inspired colourways. The patterning was to be a simple 8 row Scandinavian pattern. All of it knitting in the round with a yoke finish and minimal seaming. I was planning to steek open the front but that was about as complicated as it was going to get.

Now, I've changed my mind about the Ice colourway. I've opted for a more sky blue than teal base for my cool colours. Which means I've been dyeing even more fleece. Don't worry, I'm still madly in love with the first ice colours, just not for this project. There are a few other knitters that I've already put dibs on some of the yarn for their own projects. Here's some of the teal colourway that has already been promised a home:

I've also decided to scratch the whole simple repeated pattern idea and opt for a mix of colour stranding and cables based on traditional Viking knots. Though to keep my sanity (as little as I have left) I've decided to not carry the multiple colours throughout but the keep it quarantined in one area. Not quite sure which area.

(Fire 100 mile fleece)

I have a couple different ideas. I could do a grand viking knot cable up the back with a 2 colour smaller version of the same cable for a border along the front seams. Or I could do the big grand cable in the back with the 2 colours. There's also the thought of doing the whole darn body in 2 colour cabling. Of course, most of these ideas don't translate well to knitting in the round. I've considered learning how to knitting backwards but I have enough trouble knitting forward that the thought barely registers before getting the boot.

(A whole couch of my new ice 100 mile fleece)

Oh yeah, and I've been thinking about knitting up flames along the sleeves. Big fiery flames because I'm a knitting fool.
Here's some of the designs I've been working on.

Between dyeing, carding, spinning, designing, knitting up samples, I won't have time to pull out my hair or curse the fiber goddess for filling my little head with such grand schemes.


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