Thursday, June 7, 2007

Victoria Knit-Out

Just a reminder that Victoria's Fibre Fest and Knit Out is THIS WEEKEND!

There's going to be fashion show, galleries, workshops, market, yarn crawl and Canada's knitting darling, Stephanie McPhee (aka. Yarn Harlot).

I'm waiting for my latest dyeing project to dry so I can card & spin it. Until then I've fallen back to the dark side. Yes, I've started knitting socks again.

It's for DH who has admittedly been very patiently waiting for me to knit him socks. Up until now, I've only made him a toque (I know, I'm a horrible knitting wife). I've been selfishly holding back on knitting him socks because I know the deep, dark secret of sock knitting. Once you knit someone socks they become addicted to handknit socks and constantly nag you for more. And they keep nagging you with little care of your other knitting projects. All sock knitters know this. They often don't warn novice sock knitters about this but sit back and smirk as novice sock knitters naively start knitting socks for their loved ones. They may even snicker a bit, knowing that their watching the beginning of a vicious cycle.

I had to move, twice, to get away from all my handknit sock addicted loved ones. Now I've started knitting socks for my ultimate love.

This will be a definite test of our marriage.


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